BISS AMCH North Face Sno Klassic Glory Days
AM/CAN CH Taolan Traces of the Cat

AM/CAN CH Taolan Tundra Nordic

CH Taolan Frostflyer

CH Taolan Taliesin Shenoa

Taolan Fancy That

AM/CAN CH Taolan Arctic Cat

AM/CAN CH Taolan Snoklassic Off The Wall

CH North Face Don't Tread on Me

BIS BISS AM CH Oakiok's Final Answer

CH Nanukes Lockport Louie, ROM

CH Oakiok's Rock A Bye Baby

GGM Take The North Face

CH Sno Klassic We Will Rock You

CH Nanukes Knock Your Socks Off

AM CH Sno Klassic N Nanuke's The Last Dance

AM/CAN CH Nanuke's Take No Prisoner's

CH Nanuke's Revolutionary

Ch Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution

Ch Onan's Echoes In The Wind

Ch Nanuke's Seal of Approval

Ch Northeast's Wild N Wooly

Ch Northeast Scarlet Fever

Ch Sno Klassic Piece of My Heart

Ch Nanuke's Lockport Louie, ROM

Ch Nanuke's Revolutionary

Ch Nanuke's Seal Of Approval

Sno Klassic Chenga Kaniksu

Ch Chukchi Savage Chincoteague

AM/CAN CH Taolan Sno Klassic Sassafras